John Gnabre was a visionary scientist

Dr. John N. Gnabre was a visionary scientist, respected colleague, and generous mentor.

The great love Dr. John N. Gnabre had for humanity, drove him with a passion to achieve major scientific discoveries in the field of AIDS, Cancer, and Viral research. As a post-doc research scientist at Johns Hopkins, his scientific breakthroughs earned him the coveted Dimitri V. d’Arbeloff Prize as Johns Hopkins most outstanding biomedical researcher in 1995. While affiliated with Johns Hopkin, he received numerous patents, and published 17 research works with over 472 medical journal citations.

In Honor of the Legacy of
Dr. John Gnabre PharmD., Ph.D.
Pharmacologist. Toxicologist

In 1995, Dr. Gnabre formed the Mal-4 Research Institute to further his pursuit of all natural, anti-viral and anti-cancer therapeutics based upon his novel non-traditional method of drug development. According to his former boss at Johns Hopkins, he was a pioneer in the advancement of combinational therapies based on active ingredients of known structures. In 1999 he was awarded a U.S. Patent for the use of his proprietary natural herbal extract to treat viral infections. With that success he embarked upon the study of other plant sources and elucidated many efficacious outcomes. This is the legacy of research that the Gnabre Institute will pursue as we honor the legacy of his memory.