At the John Gnabre Science Research Institute, our commitment to accelerating the cure of diseases through collaboration remains at the forefront of our research initiatives. We are thrilled to share updates on our ongoing projects and recent advancements in AIDS, Cancer, and Viral research.


One of our primary research focus is the Cancel Cancer Initiative, which aims to develop innovative treatments for various types of cancers. Building upon Dr. Gnabre’s pioneering work, we continue to explore the potential of all-natural, anti-cancer therapeutics derived from botanical sources. Our multidisciplinary team of researchers is conducting rigorous studies and clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy of these treatments and their ability to combat cancer cells while minimizing harm to normal cells. The initial results have been promising, and we are optimistic about the potential breakthroughs that may emerge from this initiative. Click here for more information.


Outreach for

Researchers and


Networked to



(C.O.R.O.N.A. V) Project

Collaborative Outreach for Researchers and Organizations: Recognizing the power of collaboration, we created the C.O.R.O.N.A. V. Project. Initially focused on botanical medicine manufacturers studying COVID-19 drug candidates, this project has expanded its scope to include research on all chronic illnesses. By fostering collaborations between experts in different fields and facilitating knowledge exchange, we aim to accelerate clinical research and achieve breakthroughs in defeating chronic diseases. Click here for more information.

Health Equity for BIPOC Communities:

We are deeply committed to promoting health equity within Black and Indigenous Peoples of Color (BIPOC) communities. We aim to ensure representative participation in our clinical trials, acknowledging the importance of diverse perspectives in advancing medical research. By actively engaging and including BIPOC individuals in our studies, we strive to address health disparities and improve healthcare outcomes for marginalized populations.

As we continue our research endeavors, we remain focused on making significant strides in medical science. Our vision is to accelerate the development of breakthrough treatments, improve health equity, and ultimately enhance the well-being of individuals affected by chronic diseases.

We invite you to join us in our mission to advance medical science, improve health equity, and bring hope to those in need. Here’s how you can make a meaningful impact:

Donate: Your financial contribution will directly support our research efforts, enabling us to accelerate the development of breakthrough treatments and therapies. Every dollar counts and brings us one step closer to transforming lives.

Volunteer: Share your time, skills, and expertise with us. By volunteering, you can contribute to our various initiatives, whether assisting in clinical trials, organizing fundraising events, or supporting administrative tasks. Your dedication and passion will make a lasting impact.

Advocate: Help us raise awareness about the importance of medical research and the need for improved health equity. Share our mission with your network, engage in discussions, and become a voice for those affected by chronic diseases. Together, we can drive change and promote a healthier future for all.

Collaborate: If you represent an organization or research institution aligned with our goals, let’s explore opportunities for collaboration. By joining forces, we can leverage our collective expertise, resources, and knowledge to accelerate the development of innovative treatments and improve patient outcomes.

Fundraising Events: Organize a fundraising event in your community or workplace to support our cause. Whether it’s a charity walk, a bake sale, or a virtual event, your creativity, and initiative can significantly impact raising funds and spreading awareness.

Your support is invaluable in fueling our research and development efforts. Together, we can transform the landscape of medical science and create a future where chronic diseases are conquered and individuals lead healthier, happier lives.

To get involved or learn more about how you can support our mission, please get in touch with us directly at Together, let’s shape a brighter future for individuals affected by chronic diseases.

Thank you for your unwavering support.