The Gnabre Science Research Institute’s founding leadership are professionals inspired by their collective 50-years working relationships with Dr. John Gnabre and his Mal-4 Research Institute.


Professor Ru Chi Huang, PhD – Distinguished, Sr. Scientific Advisor 

As the first female science professor ever hired by Johns Hopkins University in1968, Professor Huang has served a more than 50-year distinguished career as a molecular biologist. She is celebrated worldwide for her lifetime contribution to biomedical sciences. Professor Huang was the late Dr. John Gnabre’s boss when he worked as a research scientist at Johns Hopkins where they are co-inventors on several patents, including the Malachi 4,5-6 molecule isolated from Dr. Gnabe’s ‘Mal-4’ extract. As Chief Scientific Officer of Erimos Pharmaceuticals (www.erimos.com), Prof. Huang has led the successful development of M4N (Teremeprecol – another molecule found in Dr. Gnabre’s ‘Mal-4’ proprietary natural extract), into a cancer drug now in Phase II clinical trials.

In 2016, Prof. Huang wrote a letter endorsing Dr. Gnabre’s research approach at Mal-4 Research Institute as “the future of medicine”. In honor of his promising research legacy, Prof. Huang volunteers her services as the Gnabre Institute’s Distinguished Sr. Scientific Advisor. In this consulting capacity she has agreed to oversee the coordination of a cadre of distinguished research scientists to support the research legacy of Dr. John Gnabre; and has further offered her expertise and knowledge of Dr. Gnabre’s research to ensure the quality of the molecular outcomes of the Gnabre Institutes existing I.P. /product formulations. We acknowledge Professor Huang’s generous support with our deepest and profound appreciation.


Steve Council – Founder, Chairman and CEO

For fifteen years Mr. Council served as President of Mal-4 Research Institute where he worked with the late Dr. John Gnabre, became his trusted confidant, and developed an impassioned determination to see Dr. Gnabre’s work clinically advanced. Under Mr. Council’s leadership, Mal-4 Research Institute formed Mal-4 Biopharma as an entity to commercialize ‘the Institutes’ intellectual properties. Along with his commitment to the legacy of Dr. John Gnabre, Mr. Council brings to the Gnabre Research Institute his versatile experience combining an understanding of research sciences, advanced technologies, R&D, and market timing to position the Institutes I.P. for commercial success. Experienced in advanced technology startups, Mr. Council is no stranger to innovations with long-term market acceptance, having co-founded Luxcore Networks (www.luxcore.com) which engineered the lambdarouter, the world first 5G router in 2000, almost twenty years ahead of 5G technologies market appeal.

A former science prodigy of Atlanta University Center, having twice received top honors at the International Science and Engineering Fairs, Mr. Council demonstrated a profound understanding of advanced biomedical research during his teenaged school years. Early in his career Mr. Council worked as an investment banker with the firm of Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette Securities in New York where he advised on mergers and acquisitions; he later worked as a management consultant with Towers, Perrin in Atlanta where he participated in strategy consulting engagements on behalf of both Fortune 500 companies, as well as public municipalities. Mr. Council is a graduate of Brown University, where he majored in Organizational Behavior and Management, and Business Economics.


Tiffany Jackson, PhD – President 

Dr. Jackson is a Johns Hopkins research professional who has more than 10 years’ experience managing experiments of projects in the laboratory a professor Ru Chih Huang.  As Dr. Gnabre’s co-worker in Prof. Huang’s lab she developed a keen understanding of his strategies and practices.  Dr. Jackson’s research is interest includes the various aspects of chronic diseases. Her early research focused on studying the interactions of genetic and environmental factors in relation to disease prevalence.

As a train epidemiologist in public health, she leads Gnabre Institute’s interdisciplinary projects, explores how botanical medicines can affect populations and develops strategies for maintaining community health.