“A cable will always be stronger than any single strand of wire taken from that cable.”

John Gnabre, PharmD., Ph.D.

Informed by the principles of natural synergy, Dr. John Gnabre, was perplexed as to why pharmaceutical drug design insists on isolating a single molecule from its original source containing many molecules. He knew that with synergy, there exists the possibility that the group of molecules would outperform the individual molecules in healing. In science this is known as the “entourage effect” as has recently been popularized within the cannabis industry. In 1995, while still a post-doc researcher at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Gnabre founded the Mal-4 Research Institute to pursue drug discovery from natural sources based upon this concept.


At ‘Mal-4’, Dr. Gnabre led research and development focused on the discovery of medicinal products derived from “a combination of molecules” found naturally occurring within plant and marine sources. Through his diligence, Dr. Gnabre, a trained pharmacologist and toxicologist, devised a proprietary framework for developing a class of pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical products. For his pioneering innovation in this pursuit, Dr. Gnabre received praise from internationally renowned Johns Hopkins Professor Dr. Ru Chi Huang. Today, we call the proprietary process developed by Dr. Gnabre, The Gnabre Method. It is this methodology which serves as the foundation for all research and product development efforts of the Gnabre Institute.