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Welcome to the CANCELcancer Initiative, a transformative research program launched by the John Gnabre Science Research Institute (JGSRI). Our aim is to revolutionize cancer treatment by harnessing the power of nature and collaboration with leading experts in the field. We are dedicated to advancing the understanding of cancer and developing innovative therapies that can transform the lives of patients.


Cancer is a formidable adversary, affecting millions of lives worldwide. It is time to challenge the status quo and embrace a new approach in our fight against this devastating disease. At JGSRI, we believe in the power behind the cancel culture concept, not towards individuals, but towards cancer itself.


Leading our research efforts is our Senior Scientific Advisor, the remarkable Prof. Ru Chih Huang, a distinguished researcher from Johns Hopkins University. With almost six decades of experience, Prof. Huang has dedicated her life to unraveling the complexities of cancer. She firmly believes that plant-based molecules, used in combination, can successfully treat human cancers without harming normal cells.

The CANCELcancer Initiative focuses on the simultaneous use of almost two dozen natural cancer-fighting molecules, carefully studied by Prof. Huang’s laboratory for nearly 30 years. Each of these molecules fights cancer in a unique way, offering a comprehensive approach to treatment. 

Our aim is to extend a lifeline to recently diagnosed patients through Window of Opportunity Trials. Simultaneously, we aspire to provide relief and hope to existing patients by pursuing FDA Botanical Drug designation. This designation holds the potential to empower healthcare professionals to prescribe this natural product, unlocking new possibilities in cancer treatment.  To achieve FDA Botanical Drug designation, each cancer type must successfully complete Phase I-IV clinical trials, ensuring safety and efficacy.


At the heart of our fundraising strategy lies a quarterly focus aligned with the American Association for Cancer Research’s (AACR) Awareness Months. Q1 – Gynecologic, Gallbladder/Bile Duct, Colorectal, Kidney, and Multiple Myeloma cancers.

Q2 – Esophageal, Testicular, Bladder, Brain, Melanoma, and Skin cancers.

Q3 – Sarcoma, Childhood, Leukemia/Lymphoma, Prostate, Thyroid, and Uterine cancers.

Q4 – Breast, Liver, Carcinoid, Gastric, Lung, and Pancreatic cancers.

Should a cancer type secure the necessary funding outside of the AACR rotation, research for that specific type can proceed independently, accelerating our progress toward groundbreaking treatments. Join us in supporting these quarterly campaigns, together shaping a future where cancer’s grip loosens, one type at a time.

Phase 0 – Window of Opportunity Trials (WOT)

Our journey begins with raising funds for Window of Opportunity Trials (WOT), which are clinical research studies conducted before standard treatment begins to assess potential new therapies or interventions. $2 million per cancer typeDonate today!

Upon realizing the WOT fundraising goal for Q1 cancer types, the WOT fundraiser will restart, targeting the next quarter’s cancer types.  

Phase I Clinical Trials

The CANCELcancer fundraiser will simultaneously collect donations for the Phase I Clinical Trials, initially for the Q1 cancer types. Phase I Clinical Trials aims to determine the highest dose humans, who have no underlying health conditions, can take without serious side effects. $4 million per cancer typeDonate today!

Expansion to Phase II Clinical Trials

The CANCELcancer campaign includes Phases II Clinical Trials.  Phases III and IV will be funded through pharmaceutical partnerships. The fundraiser for Phase II is $22.2 million per cancer type and will commence after each type reaches Phase I of the clinical trial series.  Once all the phases of clinical trials are completed or until the treatment is no longer effective for a particular cancer type, a new fundraising pot will open for another cancer type. This process will continue, bringing us one step closer to eradicating cancer for good.

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Become a CANCELcancer Ambassador

Join us in this transformative journey by becoming a CANCELcancer Ambassador. Your support and advocacy can make an extraordinary impact in our mission to Cancel Cancer. Spread the message, raise funds, and bring hope to those battling this relentless foe. Learn More.

Support CANCELcancer

Your support isn’t just vital; it’s a lifeline for countless individuals facing cancer. Every contribution, whether big or small, brings us closer to our dream of canceling cancer from our lives.  Donate today!

Individuals: Your donation fuels groundbreaking research. Contribute to our fundraiser and spread the word. Your support can change lives. Donate to the Window of Opportunity Trials, Phase I or Phase II Clinical Trials.

Institutions: Join our Collaborative Outreach for Researchers and Organizations Networked to Achieve Victory (C.O.R.O.N.A. V.) Project initiative and become a vital part of our mission. Your partnership strengthens our efforts to combat cancer.

Researchers: Join our Collaborative Outreach for Researchers and Organizations Networked to Achieve Victory (C.O.R.O.N.A. V.) Project inititative and be at the forefront of transformative cancer research. Your expertise is invaluable in our quest to CANCELcancer.

Together, we can make a difference. Every contribution, every partnership, and every collaboration brings us closer to canceling cancer. Join us in this transformative journey today!”

With gratitude and determination,

John Gnabre Science Research Institute