Throughout the years the research and endeavors of the late Dr. John Gnabre, and his colleagues have either made news headlines or have been corroborated by them…

  • The Wall Street Journal, 2020; Gnabre Institute’s Sr. Scientific Advisor, Johns Hopkins’ Prof. Ru Chi Huang recognized for Lifetime Achievement
  • Press Release: 2018 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • Press Release: 2001 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • New York Times, 2001; 3 Share Nobel for their Molecular Studies
  • Headlines @ Hopkins, 2000; Scientist work focus of a unique startup
  • Baltimore City News; New Hope at Hopkins; Researchers Advance in HIV/AIDS Fight
  • JHU Gazette; Singapore tycoon To Donate Millions; New Firm to Fund Clinical Trials of Drug Studied at JHU
  • JHU Gazette; A Chinese ‘notable’ of the Century; Honor Recognizes the Lasting Influence of Ru Chi Huang’s Work

“When attempting to stop a bank robbery in progress, it is more effective to deploy a SWAT team to shoot from all directions than it is to dispatch a patrol officer with a single firearm.”

John Gnabre PharmD., PhD.

* Explaining his logic for advocating a multi-molecular, multi-target approach for fighting complex diseases and viruses as tactically superior to single-molecule based pharmaceuticals.