The Collaborative Outreach for Researchers and Organizations Networked to Achieve Victory Project

Honest Collaborators for Herbal Cures 

Our Mission is to accelerate the cure of disease through collaboration. Our Vision is to boost the effectiveness of herbal remedies with the ultimate aim of accelerating clinical research and achieving breakthroughs in defeating chronic diseases.


The COVID-19 pandemic led the leaders of the John Gnabre Science Research Institute, to realize that collaboration was the most effective way to advance their botanical COVID-19 product, which required FDA-approved clinical trials. As a result, the Gnabre Institute teamed up with V-Formation Ventures, a consulting agency based in Atlanta, and launched the C.O.R.O.N.A. V. Project. The project initially aimed to provide centralized resources for botanical medicine manufacturers to study their COVID-19 drug candidates; however, we have expanded our scope to include all chronic illnesses.

We are also committed to promoting health equity in Black and Indigenous Peoples of Color (BIPOC) communities through representative participation in our clinical trials.  Visit for more information.