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Scientists are preparing to demonstrate the centuries-old Native American botanical remedy, which they’ve found possesses many cancer-fighting molecules, may be the best way to stop cancer completely

Johns Hopkins researcher Prof. Ru Chih Huang spent almost six-decades putting the complex pieces of the cancer puzzle together. Now, she’s ready to prove her ultimate hypothesis – using botanical drugs in combination can successfully treat human cancers without harming normal cells. In particular, Prof. Huang’s latest project proposes simultaneously using a group containing almost two dozen natural cancer-fighting molecules her laboratory has studied for almost 30 years – these molecules each fight cancer differently.

Prof. Huang was awarded the Marquis Who’s Who, Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021 and recognized this year as the 2022 IOPTA Professor of the Year.

Prof. Huang is out to demonstrate the BEST WAY to DEFEAT cancer…

THE SCIENTIST In the beginning

In 1965, Ru Chih Huang accepted a position at Johns Hopkins University as one of their first female scientists. Her research career spans nearly six decades and produces landmark discoveries on the root causes of cancer and viral diseases.

In the 1990s, Prof. Huang’s lab discovered a molecule from a botanical plant currently in clinical trials as a cancer drug. Today, she is ready to Defeat Cancer!

CURRENT RESEARCH PLAN The Botanical Therapeutic

Prof. Huang is out to demonstrate that the BEST WAY to DEFEAT cancer is to use multiple cancer-fighting molecules in combination simultaneously to target cancer cell growth.

Prof. Huang is championing a polymolecular botanical therapeutic that she has worked with for almost 30-years. These molecules perform anti-cancer actions consistent with theories put forth by other research scientists in cancer cell biology: Drs. David Baltimore, Leland Hartwell, Gregg Semenza, and Bert Vogelstein.

After additional research in 2021, this same molecule is now under development to treat late-stage COVID-19 infection.


THE EFFORT Oncology Window of Opportunity Trials

Prof. Ru Chih Huang has teamed up with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Gynecologic Oncology Specimen Bank Director, Prof. Ti-Li Wang, and Asso. Prof. of Pathology and Oncology, Dr. Christopher VandenBussche, to perform a clinical study targeting Women’s Cancer.


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